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ed by the illusion that ●I could really come to know her; but I see now● that she was not really a wo▓man but the incarnation of Woman a●d

mitting no ties in the socie


ty we inhabite●d.“I hunt everywhere for a li▓fe that is worth living.Perhaps if I c▓


ould die or go mad it would provide a focus for● all the feelings I have which find ▓n


o proper outlet.The doctor I loved told ▓me I was a nymphomaniac — but th▓ere i


s no gluttony or self-indulgence in m▓y pleasure, Jacob.It is purely wast●ed from that point of

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view.T●he waste, my dear, the waste! You speak of▓ taking pleasure sadly, like the▓ puritans do.Even there you are un●just to me.I take it tragically, and if my▓ medical friends want a compoun▓d word to describe the heartles▓s creature I seem, why the

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y will ▓have to admit that what I lack of heart ●I make up in soul.That is wh●ere the trouble lies.

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” These are not, you se▓e, the sort of distinctions of ▓which women are usually capable.It wa

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s as if● somehow her world lacked a dimension, and l▓ove had become turned inwards▓ into a kind


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